South Sway Stud Farm

Tel: 07512 317 275

Welcome to South Sway Stud Farm

Breeders of American Miniature, British Spotted miniature and Shetland Ponies. Other services include breaking and schooling young horses..

24 hour surveillance at all times. Qualified staff and Veterinary help on hand.


We also take in horses and ponies for breaking and schoolimg. Horses are usually booked in for 6 weeks at a cost of £120 per week. If they need to stay longer then fees can be arranged at owners expense.

Horses will be stabled and individual diets can be arranged to suit. Hay or haylage available at all times. Bedding can be straw or shavings. Outdoor arena available for schooling.

All enquiries to Andrew Clark Tel: 07512 317 275

Full board facilities:

  • 14 stables
  • 4 large foaling boxes
  • CCTV coverage
  • Seperate stallion block
  • 16 acres to the farm and another 14 acres available for grazing
  • Outdoor arena with rubber surface for schooling and lunging
  • Stallion pen and lunging area
  • Large car park for HGV lorries

Stud Farm Stallions


Breed: American Miniature
Registration Number: 1894008
Height: 32 Inches
Colour: Silver Dapple
SIRE: Thousand Oaks Sir Lancelot A12771
DAM: Dukes Dancin Colours A174268

Sir Percival of Model Farm is a true miniature pony bred from imported American stock of very good bloodlines. His rear colour 'silver dapple' is much sort after and very popular in the show ring.

STUD FEE £300 n.f.f.r October terms


Breed: British Spotted miniature
Registration Number: 82601507173M000
Height: 34 Inches
Availability: Live cover only
SIRE: Tanzivan Touch of Class
DAM: Halstock Mercedes

Halstock Merlin carries a double gene for spotting (homozygous) and throws well marked stock who inherit his good temperament and are doing well in the show ring around the country.

STUD FEE £175 n.f.f.r October terms


Breed: Shetland Pony
Registration Number: 826039000 BC1141
Height: 34 Inches
Availability: Live cover only
SIRE: Halstock Zorro AU1047/S11
DAM: Halstock Tiara AR2626/M09

Halstock Titan is a pedigree Shetland bred from a long line of palominos and should throw a high percentage of palomino stock.

STUD FEE £175 n.f.f.r October terms

Terms and Conditions

  • All owners and agents are required to fill in a form when they come to the stud.
  • All mares to be accompanied by their passports.
  • Mares must arrive at the stud in good condition, with no shoes on. Must be easily handled and good to catch.
  • Mares and foals will have their feet trimmed as and when required and charged to the owner.
  • Mares will have good grazing at the stud, mares with foals will receive every possible care and attention.
  • The stud accepts no responsibility whatsoever for accidents, theft and disease.
  • All fees must be paid before the mare leaves the stud.
  • Mares must be wormed prior to arrival
  • Keep fees by arrangement.
  • Mares can be scanned at owners cost.
  • Mares will be stabled whilst at the stud and covered once a day when in season.
  • Other services include breaking and schooling young horses.
  • There are 3 members of staff, 2 are on site 24/7, as horses are monitored at all times as required when foaling. As required by "Health and Safety" Mares will wear foaling alarms to alert staff.
  • Our veterinary practice is "Priory Veterinary Group", Purewell, Christchurch.

All enquiries to Andrew Clark Tel: 07512 317 275

South Sway Stud Farm

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Andrew Clark Tel: 07512 317 275

South Sway Stud Farm, South Sway Lane, Sway, SO41 6DL